The Enron PST Data Set Cleansed of PII by Nuix and EDRM

Nuix and EDRM worked together to cleanse the Enron data set of private information. We have identified and removed more than 10,000 items of information including:

  • 60 containing credit card numbers, including departmental contact lists that each contained hundreds of individual credit cards
  • 572 containing Social Security or other national identity number—thousands of individuals' identity numbers in total
  • 292 containing individuals' dates of birth
  • 532 containing information of a highly personal nature such as medical or legal matters.

Many items contained multiple instances and types of information. This included departmental contact list spreadsheets with dates of birth, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, home addresses and other private details of dozens of staff members.

In removing these items and making the cleansed data set available to the community, we hope to protect the privacy of hundreds of individuals.

Nuix is also pleased to offer the legal and investigator community the methodology we used for identifying personal and financial data in corporate data sets.

Terms and conditions: Please ensure you read and understand this important legal disclaimer before downloading the EDRM Enron PST Data Set.

Download the cleansed EDRM Enron Data Set

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The complete EDRM Enron Data Set is 18GB in total.

Please ensure that you have read and acknowledge that you understand the legal disclaimer for downloading the EDRM Enron PST Data Set.